creative holidays



For the 3 day and 5 day painting holiday you need to bring:

  • A4 or A5 sketch book /Cartridge pad A3 or A2
    Graphite pencil 4B and a range of pencils from approx. 2H - 6B
    Standard eraser / Pencil sharpener
    A selection of water soluble coloured crayons and or small pocket water colour paints.
  • Our classes will essentially be targeted for:
    1. Watercolour / Gouache
    2. Oil
    3. Acrylics and mixed media (5.00 extra for use of studio acrylics and oils)
  • Digital camera if possible (we have the facility to download and print images)

You will need the materials as follows:

Materials needed for watercolour / Gouache Materials needed for oil painting course Materials needed for mixed media

A light weight easel if required loose sheets or blocks of watercolour paper 300grm / 140lb

quality beginners starter pack

watercolour and gouache

large wash brush approx 1" and size

10, 6, 2 or more sable / mix

large palette with deep wells.

kitchen roll

tex. sponge

masking tape

masking fluid plus spare brushes

A light weight easel if required

quality beginners starter pack or individual tubes of paint

canvas / boards


2/3 palette knives

selection of filbert brushes

kitchen roll


purified linseed oil

low odour thinners


A light weight easel if required

Quality beginners acrylic set, Daler & Rowney or same indiv. tubes

selection of filbert brushes

acrylic paper


retarder gel

water spray

tex paste

masking tape

  • We have a range of materials for you to purchase if necessary.
  • We stress that we are extremely flexible and have no problem with individuals mixing their media if they so wish, in fact happy accidents are the best! The titles are just for guide lines and targeting the materials you need for your chosen area.
  • We can supply easels, boards, chairs and tables for studio work. We can also supply some additional materials for mixed media, e.g. charcoal, wax crayons, glazes etc.